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 Ghana project

 Location: Lake Volta, Ghana 

Help us raise €9963 to build 2 classrooms, an office and a toilet block for The Kindergarten of Joy. This would allow 80 children to stay out of child labour and human trafficking, instead they go to school for free, and hundreds more in the future.

About the Kindergarten of Joy

The Kindergarten of Joy is a school in Mafinga Iringa in Tanzania. This school gives free education to benefit the less fortunate children and families in their area. To give all the children a chance at education without dropouts. This school uses a very “modern” approach where they do not differentiate between children with different religions or tribes. Everyone is equal at this place. At this moment there are already 4 existing classrooms and there are 13 teachers working, all teaching different classes.

The the pictures below of the Kindergarten of Joy in Tanzania.

Together with the sponsor Profs4Security we have build 2 classrooms for the Cleverland education school in Ghana. This allows 60 children to stop fishing and go to school for free. 

About the project

The school is run by Alfred, a Ghana national who is the director and founder of the project. The school exists since 2010 and supports children with disabilities. The goal of the school is to educate as many children as possible by freeing them from labour at the lake. 


Currently there are 154 children aged 2-14 years old who attend the school free of charge. Some sleep at the school in a dormitory building.


The school operates legally as a kindergarten and as a primary school.

Some of the children

The school

The school is operating well, there are at the moment 8 teachers and 3 volunteers active. The project is working and running, the community school even has volunteers who offer free medical care for the community. 

The building process

On the pictures on the left you can see part of the building process. The pictures were made by one of our volunteers. 

Below you can also download the full picture report in pdf format. 

The problems we still fight

There are different problems for the children in this region. Children are orphans, do not have food, their parents are in prison or they past away. Some children have to take care of the elderly in extreme cases.


These problems have caused one of the biggest problems in this region, local fisherman have convinced the children guardians that they should learn fishing with them. Making themselves the “master” of the children while they simply benefit by employing children in this way.


Before we came, the children had that go to our school only had 1 meal a day. Today, at the school each child gets 3 meals a day in order to continue to go to school and not to work anymore. 


The average GDP per person in Ghana: $1.9K

Percentage of children age 5-17 in child labour in Ghana: 21%

We still need help with food donations.

With your support Charity The Next Smile is able to provide food and good teaching facilities


With every €3.50 a child would have free breakfast and lunch for a month. This amount, the price of a coffee, does not seem a lot of money, but over there it is much needed.

The Teachers

Financial report

Please press on the Excel Icon to have an overview of the costs of the project (finished). 

Why donate to us? What will happen with your donation exactly?

The donations will be used 100% for Cleverland education school in Ghana. Charity The Next Smile takes 0% of the funded money for operating costs, costs made for this project are already covered by volunteers.


We also make sure that there are no middlemen involved between Charity The Next Smile and the project in Ghana. We are in direct contact with the director of the school. This way there is not a third party involved who can make a profit on any transaction.

With these measurements we make sure that your donations are 100% used in the benefit of the children who will use the school in the future. 

Additional information 

Classes from Monday to Friday

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Science

  • Creative Arts

  • Computer science

  • History

  • Religion education

Classes are provided from Monday until Friday between 8am until 3 pm except during public holidays or as declared by the government.



First term: January – March

Second term: April – July

Third Term: September – December


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