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How we work

We work with 3 methods


Our Approach

Thanks to the research of parties like Unicef, Taking next steps and Global march the problems of child labour are known. Child labour is a complex problem with no simple solution. Our approach is to raise funds, these funds are then used to build schools which we can offer children to attend for free. Children who attend our schools are provided with three meals a day. This means they do not have to work in order to eat. Once built, we provide the school with money on a monthly basis to cover the costs of food. Local colleagues and non-profit organisations make sure that this process runs smoothly. We are in direct contact with the school ensuring that the funds are always used for the intended purpose.




We raise our funds by organising different types of events and by partnering with schools who are willing to fundraise for us. We also rely on donations from individuals and companies, as we have no government funding. 100% of the money raised will be used towards getting children out of child labour and keeping them in school.


Bringing Stakeholders Together


When we go abroad to build our schools we support the local companies that offer fair salaries to their legal aged workers. When parents earn enough money to support their children there is no need for child labour.

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