Project: Nissii Kenya

Location: Mbita Town, Kenya

Help us raise €9963 to build 2 classrooms, an office and a toilet block for The Kindergarten of Joy. This would allow 80 children to stay out of child labour and human trafficking, instead they go to school for free, and hundreds more in the future.

About the Kindergarten of Joy

The Kindergarten of Joy is a school in Mafinga Iringa in Tanzania. This school gives free education to benefit the less fortunate children and families in their area. To give all the children a chance at education without dropouts. This school uses a very “modern” approach where they do not differentiate between children with different religions or tribes. Everyone is equal at this place. At this moment there are already 4 existing classrooms and there are 13 teachers working, all teaching different classes.

The the pictures below of the Kindergarten of Joy in Tanzania.

What is the problem of the Kindergarten of Joy?

Currently there are many problems for the Kindergarten of Joy. Problems like there is not enough money for food, teachers are underpaid (and sometimes not even paid), there are not enough facilities to teach, there is no money for school uniforms and transportation is a problem for children to get efficiently to and from school.

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The average GDP in Kenya: $1.8K

35.6% of the children in Kenya are in child labour

HIV positive in Kenya: 1.3-1.7 Million

Children work in the farming, harvesting, drug peddling, fishing and the sex industry.

Help us raise €13.226 to build 3 classrooms for Nissii Academy. This would allow 140 children to stay out of child labour, instead they go to school for free, and hundreds more in the future. We expect to have another 210 pupils within the next 2 years.

About Nissii Academy

Nissii Academy is a private community-based project in Mbita, Kenya. The school is registered and approved by the Kenyan government. The school is founded in 2004 with the goal to create hope for the children in local communities. Majority of the 7000 people who inhabit Kisui village are illiterate. The locals also struggle with HIV/AIDS, about 30% of the locals in this area have the diseases. The Nissii academy wants to educate children to have a better future and better prospects. At this moment the school has 7 classrooms, 4 for grades 1-4 and 3 for early childhood education. There are currently 7 teachers, 2 chefs and one administrative assistant employed at the school.


At the Nissii academy they try to create a home like atmosphere to the children by offering basic needs, including food, education, clothing, shelter and medical/social care. It would be much easier for them to provide this with a real stone building.

What are the problems of the Nissii community school?

There are many problems for Nissii Academy, the main problem are the classrooms. The classrooms are made of wood and iron plates. Every time there is bad weather the school building falls apart and has to be re-built. Those classrooms are not safe for the children, nor are they quiet. The children hear the noises od the classes next to them and for the teachers its more difficult to keep the children focussed.

Other problems are that the kitchen is poorly build, and has to be re-built after stormy weather. There are only two wooden toilet boxes and it is difficult to pay for the teachers salaries while providing food for the children.

Current classrooms

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What are the problems for the children?

Children in this area struggle everyday with little hope for the future. There are many children with difficult backgrounds, some lost their parents due to HIV and are orphans, some live at their family’s place where there is not enough money to feed everyone in the family, some parents are in prison and some children have to take care of the elderly. As a result most children aged 5-14 work in the fishing industry to have food at the end of the day. So you understand, that those who can’t afford food, certainly cannot afford education. With your donations we can give these children education, hope and a chance on a better future.


If we build proper classrooms for the community in Kisui, they will be able to provide stable and safe education for children who have to work. When the classrooms are finished, we will support the school by paying for the children's food, meaning that the children can continue to go to school safely, without having to worry about whether they will eat at the end of the day or not. This way they can keep going to school. And if we build the classrooms, the school does not have a debt, meaning no tuition fees. Giving every child in the area a chance at education.

What we are going to do

With your support Charity The Next Smile is able to provide food and better teaching facilities. We intend to raise €13.226 by the 1st of July 2021, which will allow us to build the 3 classrooms.


When our goal is reached, we will focus on raising the funds that are needed to provide food for the children, with every €3.50 a child would have free breakfast and lunch for a month. This amount, the price of a coffee, does not seem a lot of money, but over there it is much needed.


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Why €13.226?


Please press on the Excel Icon to have an overview of the expected costs of the project. The donations are solely used for this project and do not pay for operating costs of The Next Smile. Your donation goes 100% to the project. 

Why donate to us? What will happen with your donation exactly?

The donations will be used 100% for the Nissii project in Kenya. Charity The Next Smile uses 0% of the funded money for operating costs, costs made for this project are already covered by volunteers.


We also make sure that there is no middlemen involved between Charity The Next Smile and the project in Kenya. We are in direct contact with the director of the school. This way there is not a third party involved who can make a profit on any transaction.


When we have reached the goal, a volunteer of The Next Smile will personally visit the school on site, and will supervise the entire project. Our associate will personally see to it that the funds are used in the benefit of the children. Payments will be directly made by our employee to the seller, there is not a third party who will benefit from your donations.


With these measurements we make sure that your donations are 100% used in the benefit of the children who will use the school in the future. 

Please help us reach the goal to provide education in Kenya.

Please donate and help us fund this project.

Additional information 

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Classes from Monday to Friday

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Kiswahili

  • Social studies

  • Science

  • Christian religious eduactions

  • Physical education on Friday (PPI)

School calendar:

Term 1: January till March

Term 2: May till June

Term 3: September till November


Link to the schools website: