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Project: Nissii Kenya

Location: Mbita Town, Kenya


The average GDP in Kenya: $1.8K

35.6% of the children in Kenya are in child labour

HIV positive in Kenya: 1.3-1.7 Million

Children work in the farming, harvesting, drug peddling, fishing and the sex industry.

We built a new school in Mbita Town, Kenya!

By doing so, we freed 110 children from child labour. Weeks before we finished the school, some of these children were sitting at home or working on the land to support their family or to make sure they would have food at the end of the day.


Because this school is built, the kids get to be children with the
opportunity to play, learn and attend school.

The school can still use the support of monthly donors to make sure we can provide food for all of the children each month at Nissii Academy. A monthly donation of € 3.50 per child means the children can stay in school and out of child labour.

About Nissii Academy

Nissii Academy is a private community-based primary school in Mbita, Kenya. The school is
registered and approved by the Kenyan government. The school was founded in 2004 with the goal to create hope for the children in local communities. The Nissii Academy wants to
educate children to have a better future and better prospects, but for that they need food at school. This is why we supported them with the construction of 3 real stone classrooms and one administrative office building. In addition, the Nissii Academy tries to create a home-like atmosphere to the children by offering basic needs, including food, education, clothing, shelter and medical/social care.

Why was help needed?

Majority of the 7000 people who inhabit Kisui village are illiterate. The locals also struggle with HIV/AIDS, about 30% of the locals in this area have the disease. The employment rate is particularly low in the village because there is just no work, which means no salary. No salary also means no guarantee of lunch or dinner the next day. Moreover, there are many problems for Nissii Academy, and the main one was the classrooms. They were made of wood and iron
plates. Every time there was a bad weather the school building felt apart and must have been re-built. Those classrooms were not safe for the children, nor quiet. The children could hear
the noises of the classes next to them and for the teachers it was more difficult to keep the children focused. But today, the further problem remains the kitchen which is poorly built and
must be re-built after stormy weather. But it is also difficult to pay for the teachers’ salaries while providing food for the children.

The old classrooms

The New Classrooms

How did we realise this project?

On the 19th of June 2022, two Project Managers of The Next Smile flew to Kenya to help children in need by building a school in their region, including 3 classrooms and one office building. The building process took 6 weeks in total, building everything from A to Z. From the foundations of the school to painting the walls. To construct the school, we hired local
workers and bought the materials locally. This could allow the workers from the local community to bring food on the family’s tables, and money to continue living. On the 22nd of June, we inaugurate the school, where 150 people were present. What an achievement! Please find the pictures of the construction.

Why did we decide to help?

We believe that every child should be playing with other children and that they should not be
working all day. We believe that every child should have the right to an education. We want
to give children hope and a future. We believe giving them a chance to attend school will

provide them with the ability to think for themselves and allow them a chance to go to
university after they finish primary school and high school.

How can you continue to support the school in Mbita
Now that the primary goal is reached and the school built, we focus on raising the funds that
are needed to provide food for the children. With every €3.50, a child would have free
breakfast and lunch for a month. This amount, the price of a coffee, does not seem a lot of
money, but over there it is much needed. Help us to gather this amount!


Cost overview


Please press on the Excel Icon to have an overview of the costs that were made.

Why donate to us? What will happen with your donation exactly?

The donations will be used 100% for the Nissii project in Kenya. Charity The Next Smile uses 0% of the funded money for operating costs, costs made for this project are already covered by volunteers.


We also make sure that there is no middlemen involved between Charity The Next Smile and the project in Kenya. We are in direct contact with the director of the school. This way there is not a third party involved who can make a profit on any transaction.


When we have reached the goal, a volunteer of The Next Smile will personally visit the school on site, and will supervise the entire project. Our associate will personally see to it that the funds are used in the benefit of the children. Payments will be directly made by our employee to the seller, there is not a third party who will benefit from your donations.


With these measurements we make sure that your donations are 100% used in the benefit of the children who will use the school in the future. 

Please help us reach the goal to provide education in Kenya.

Please donate and help us fund this project.

Additional information 

Classes from Monday to Friday

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Kiswahili

  • Social studies

  • Science

  • Christian religious eduactions

  • Physical education on Friday (PPI)

School calendar:

Term 1: January till March

Term 2: May till June

Term 3: September till November


Link to the schools website:

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