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We need your help!

We like to give everyone a chance to help others. Therefore we would like to hire you as a volunteer!


At The Next Smile volunteers are respected within the company and are seen as an essential part of the company. Without volunteers The Next Smile would not be able to reach and help as many children as we do now.


We work together towards the same goal with one vision, our combined experiences, expertise and motivation brings a positive sphere to the organisation. We are open for new ideas and we listen to your (revolutionary) ideas!

Volunteers are active worldwide and bring national and international campaigns to the public. Volunteers organise events and fundraise actions. But there are also other ways how you can volunteer. You can help organising activities, fundraise or contact school and organisations to join charity The Next Smile.

What do you gain?

  • You would gain new experiences

  • You develop leadership skills

  • You would wider your network with fantastic people

  • You would improve your further job prospects

  • And most importantly, you would help this world become a better place.

What do we expect from volunteers?

  • We’d like to know why you apply for this volunteer position. What motivaties you to apply for a volunteering position?

  • What are your skills? Do you have skills in marketing, sales or already humanitarian experiences?

  • We expect that you bring a lot of positivity to this organisation

  • Which new ideas do you have to raise money?

  • We expect volunteers to help fundraise. It can be discussed how, and we are open for ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for The Next Smile then please send your CV and motivation to

Learn more about Fundraising

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