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 Project: Uganda project 

 Location: Kasese, Uganda 

Help us raise €9963 to build 2 classrooms, an office and a toilet block for The Kindergarten of Joy. This would allow 80 children to stay out of child labour and human trafficking, instead they go to school for free, and hundreds more in the future.

About the Kindergarten of Joy

The Kindergarten of Joy is a school in Mafinga Iringa in Tanzania. This school gives free education to benefit the less fortunate children and families in their area. To give all the children a chance at education without dropouts. This school uses a very “modern” approach where they do not differentiate between children with different religions or tribes. Everyone is equal at this place. At this moment there are already 4 existing classrooms and there are 13 teachers working, all teaching different classes.

The the pictures below of the Kindergarten of Joy in Tanzania.

What are the problems for the children?

Many children struggle every day and have no hope for the future, some of the children’s problems are that their parents are in prison, there is not enough money for food, having to take care of the elderly, parents passed away or they have HIV. As a result of all these problems children aged 6-14 years have to work in these regions. With your donations we can give children education, hope and a chance on a better future.


If we build the classrooms, there will be no costs anymore for The Kindergarten of Joy, therefore they can allow children to go to school for free. This way there are no debts, children get free education and do not have to work or take care of their families at home, because they get food in school.

The average GDP in Uganda: $794

Number of Children in labour in Tanzania: 2.1 Million 26%

HIV positive in Tanzania: 1.5 Million

LRA: is an army in the north of Uganda, which exists for 80% out of children

We have build an 6 classrooms school in western Uganda. This school is now taking care of those children who managed to get away alive from the war of the neighbouring country Congo (DMC).

About the Uganda project

This project was started by Masika, who works as a nurse at a local medical clinic and dedicates all her free time to humanitarian projects. About five years ago, Masika became aware of the harsh life faced by young children (age 4-16) who fled the wars from the neighbouring country Democratic Republic of the Congo. She decided to build a place where these children can live safely, where basic needs such as nutrition and education are provided, and where they can grow into productive adults with a promising future. She bought a piece of land where she aims to build a school, a health clinic and in the future a hospital.

Some of the results

At this moment Masika is taking care of 25 children who live in her orphanage. Because of this school there are over 125 new children attending classes.

We donate with monthly food donations for ALL the children who attend this school. However, we are still looking for monthly donations for teachers salaries.

Some of the children

What are the problems for the children?

This project is taking care of children who are abandoned, orphans, children with disabilities, children out of school, children in poverty-stricken households, children who experienced violence, children in labour. With the support of you, we will take care of many more children.


Majority of the children (aged 4-16 years old) are living in a shelter because they have no other place to go. Those children have been separated from their parents. They do not know where their parents are, they lost them. Some know that their parents passed away in the Congo civil war. And some of the children have seen horrible events in their home country because of this war.


When these children arrive in Uganda, they have no other option than to work in order to eat. Uganda is also a 3rd world country which is underdeveloped. Children are working in the local cobalt mines, are doing handcraft work or they work on the fields. Many children work in the mines because there is a demand for them, their small arms and hands fit through the smallest holes.

What we will realise with your help

With your support Charity The Next Smile is able to provide for food and better teaching facilities. We intend to raise €500 extra/month by the 1st of July 2022, which will allow us to continue to support the school on a monthly basis


When our goal is reached, we will focus on raising the funds that are needed to provide food for the children, with every €3.50 a child will have free breakfast and lunch for a month. This amount, the price of a coffee, does not seem a lot of money, but over there it is much needed.

How we managed to build a school on a budget?


Please press on the Excel Icon to have an overview of the costs of the project. The donations were solely used for this project and do not pay for operating costs of The Next Smile. All your donations go 100% to the project. 

Why donate to us? What will happen with your donation exactly?

The donations will be used 100% for the Uganda project. Charity The Next Smile takes 0% of the funded money for operating costs. Costs made for this project are already covered by volunteers.


We also make sure that there are no middlemen involved between Charity The Next Smile and the project. We are in direct contact with the director of the school. This way there is not a third party involved who can make a profit on any transaction.


When we have reached the goal, a volunteer of The Next Smile will personally visit the school on site and will supervise the whole project. Then our associate will personally ensure that the funds are used in the benefit of the children. Costs will be directly paid by our employee to the seller, there is no third party who will benefit from your donations.


With these measurements we make sure that your donations are 100% used in the benefit of the children who will use the school in the future. 

So please help us reach the goal to provide education in Uganda.

Please donate and help us fund this project.

Additional information 

Classes from Monday to Friday

  • English

  • Maths

  • Science

  • Geography

  • Art and design

  • Music

  • Design and technology

  • Physical education

Classes are from Monday till Friday from 4pm till 3pm.


Term1 - 4th February to  3rd May

Term2- 27th may to  23rd August

Term3-  16th September to 29th November


1st term  4th may to  26th may

2nd term  24th august to 15th September

3rd term  30th November to 2nd February .

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